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Exclusive Distributor for the Boston International Film Festival.


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Against the Jab - Master


Support Films that were presented at The Boston International Film Festival. Click on each poster below to buy, download or rent the movies you would like to watch. We appreciate your support for the arts.

Refuge Nothing But The Truth Harry Brown

Not Your Time Hot Tamale Go For It

Emilio Desire Complicity

Chicago Overcoat Chez Upshaw   Balancing The Books

Ay Luv yu   Among Us  Alone


3Days in Havana_POSTER   Open Vacancy   A Bit of Bad Luck


A Man Desire for fifth Wives Twelve in a Box Tricks of a Woman

The Power Of The Powerless  The Last Shot   The Cover Page


Shudra Rising  Shoot The Hero  Ripple Effect

Alleged  Holla at Me What Doesnt Kill You